A PEACE OF MIND Love & Fertility 14k Gold Necklace with Moonstone, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz

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A PEACE OF MIND's dainty necklace helps with manifesting your future:

Moonstone - An intuition stone - Helps to bring creative possibilities - Increases patience - Moonstone is associated with the moon and therefore has a strong feminine energy - Helps to release unnecessary stress - Helps the reproductive system and digestive system.

Rhodonite - Helps to bring self worth and emotional healing - Helps to accept, forgive and give love to others in order to bring peace into the wearer’s life - Helps the immune system, joint pain and healing the throat.

Rose Quartz - The love stone - Helps the wearer to nurture and love the self - Brings calming and reassuring energy during tough times - Helps the female reproductive system, release stress and improve the circulatory system.

Materials: 14k Gold Chain & Clasp; Genuine AAA gemstones

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